Designed for vacation rental hosts, small businesses, home and property owners, the Keybox 3 is the smart lock box for hassle-free sharing.

The Keybox 3 is essentially a lock box that stores keys, access cards and more for easy retrieval. If you're a vacation rental host, there's no need for physical key exchanges should your guest wish to check-in at awkward timings of the day. Running a small business? No more pesky shift handovers!


The Keybox 3

Introducing the latest Keybox 3 – compared to its predecessor with a storage depth of 16mm, the Keybox 3 boasts a 68% increment in space with its 27mm storage depth. Not only can you store keys, access cards, transportation cards and the like, you can fit car key fobs too. More than just a tool for property management, the Keybox 3 can also facilitate car-sharing services if needed.

keybox 3 interior

Apart from the size, we've also designed it to better secure your items with a retainer. You won't have to worry about things falling out once the Keybox 3 is opened. It also features a reactive keypad with a three-colour status indicator for enhanced usability.

With its dual shackle sizes, versatility is optimised to fit most door knobs and handles snugly. Alternatively, you can mount the Keybox 3 on a wall with screws.


Other features

We want to make your lives simpler, safer and smarter. That's why the Keybox 3 comes jam-packed with these features to strike the right balance between security and convenience:-

  • Keypad security lockout
    Keypad is disabled after several incorrect PIN code attempts to ensure your property is always secure.
  • Auto relock
    The Keybox 3 automatically relocks once front panel is completely shut to give you a greater peace of mind.
  • Masking security code
    Heighten security by entering random digits before your actual PIN code to throw off onlookers.
  • Low battery alert
    An intuitive audio and LED visual alert will prompt you to change the batteries before they run out.
  • Emergency jumpstart
    Easily jumpstart the Keybox 3 with a USB-C cable and a power bank as an emergency measure if batteries are drained.
  • Instant access request
    Approve and send Bluetooth keys to the right people when they request for access via QR code scanning.
  • Airbnb and API integration
    Airbnb hosts can also integrate their calendars with the Keybox 3 for automatic generation of PIN codes for guests.


The igloohome app

Like all igloohome devices, the Keybox 3 works in conjunction with the igloohome mobile app.

You can issue time-sensitive PIN codes to guests, friends and family for them to easily retrieve keys from the Keybox 3. Using our unique algoPIN™ technology, you can easily generate PIN codes from wherever you are. There's no need to be near the lock box to sync the PIN codes for them to work.

If you're within Bluetooth range, you can create customised PIN codes too. Once you've done so, simply send it to your desired recipient via your choice of communication platform.

You can also issue Bluetooth keys to your guests for them to unlock the Keybox 3 with their smartphone. While this requires them to download the igloohome app, you will be notified in real-time every time someone accesses the Keybox 3 via Bluetooth keys. This is a great option if you'd like greater peace of mind.


More app features

You can do more than just issue access via the app. Manage your lock while you're within Bluetooth range to do the following:-

  • View activity logs
    Unlike conventional lock boxes, the igloohome app lets you track the dates and times at which the Keybox 3 is accessed.
    *Bluetooth logs are updated in real time while PIN code logs are updated when the owner unlocks via Bluetooth.
  • Check battery status
    Battery status is updated in Bluetooth range, providing you with a better estimate of when you'll need a fresh set of batteries.
  • Sync lock time
    To ensure that your PIN codes work properly, you can sync the time of both your smartphone and Keybox 3 when in Bluetooth range.
  • Change Master PIN code
    If you feel that your master PIN code has been compromised, you can change it via the app when you're within Bluetooth range of the lock.


Here's a comparison chart between the Keybox 3 and Keybox 2

Keybox 3 Comparison (1)

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The Keybox 3 might just surprise you at how convenient key handovers can be. Make the switch today.

For more information about the Keybox 3, click here