The Keybox 3 is our biggest lock box to date. With double the storage space, it's more than just your typical lock box. In this post, we'll be showing you the upgrades and enhancements you can expect in our latest version of the Keybox.

Keybox 3 v. Keybox 2

Here's a quick overview of the main differences between the two models:

Keybox 3 Comparison (1)


Let's dive deeper so you'll have a better understanding:-

1. Store more than the essentials.

igloohome keybox depth

We've significantly increased the storage depth of the Keybox 3 so you can place more than just keys and transport cards. Many of you have asked for a lock box that can hold car key fobs too, and now it can!

igloohome keybox storage inner

You'll also notice that the Keybox 3 has a retained pocket design to ensure your belongings don't fall out upon opening. It's secure so you won't have to worry about things dropping out of the lock box.

2. Types of PIN codes

igloohome types of pin code

You can now create recurring PIN codes on top of the usual offerings. Got a cleaner that comes in every week? No problem. Simply create a recurring PIN code for the scheduled day and time, then sit back and relax!

3. Customise your own PIN codes

igloohome create pins

Now, you can create your desired PIN codes when you're within Bluetooth range! We understand the hassle of having to generate a PIN code and then editing it - so we've streamlined the process.

4. Deletion of PIN codes

igloohome delete pins

We've also heard your feedback. To revoke PIN code access, you can simply delete it via Bluetooth. No more hassle of having to remove all issued PIN codes, yay!

5. Adjust the volume to your liking

igloohome volume change

If you find the beeps of the keypad to be too loud or too soft, you can now adjust it to your liking. Select from levels 0 (mute) to 5 in the lock settings tab - remember, you'll need to be within Bluetooth range for the changes to be effective.

6. Ease of jumpstarting your lock box

keybox 3 jumpstart

Instead of using a 9V battery to jumpstart your keybox via the contact points, we've now designed it to be powered up via USB-C cables for your convenience.

To learn more about the Keybox 3, click here. Or find the nearest reseller to get your hands on them today!