We understand that many of you have been asking for a metal gate solution and we're proud to announce that the Rim Lock for metal gates is available now! 

Now you can enjoy greater peace of mind without compromising convenience. We’ve got your home’s entrance covered. 

In Singapore, it's common to have a metal gate in front of your apartment's door. Over 80% of our population living in public housing are familiar with this situation.

hdb-gate-930x620Photo credit: Budget Painting

Previously, most of our locks were only compatible with wooden doors. However, you can now purchase bundles to make both your door and gate smart! 

Perfect companion for your igloohome smart door lock.

Life’s simpler when you live smarter. Coupled with a Key Fob, the Rim Lock for metal gates unlocks with just a press of the button. No more fussing with multiple keys or having an unlocked gate. 

Watch it in action below:


The fob's also compatible with a range of our smart locks:

Lock Compatibility


Deadbolt 2S Metal Grey


Keybox 3


Mortise 2, Mortise 2+

Rim Locks

Rim Lock for metal gates



Up the ante on your home's security

The Rim Lock for metal gates is packed with features for greater convenience and peace of mind. 

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Here are some notable ones:

  • Security lockout
  • Keypad disabled mode
  • Auto relock
  • Masking security code
  • Emergency jumpstart
  • Obstruction alarm
  • Intrusion alarm

You should also check for compatibility to ensure that the Rim Lock can be installed on your gate. 

Mobile app-enabled for greater convenience

With the igloohome app, you have the flexibility to manage the access to your property. 

Grant access to your family and friends remotely via time-sensitive PIN codes and Bluetooth keys. With our unique algoPIN™ technology, you can generate access at any time and at anywhere without the need to be near your Rim Lock. 

Here’s what you can do remotely:

  • Generate time-sensitive PIN codes
  • Generate time-sensitive Bluetooth keys
  • Get notified of Bluetooth key activities 
  • Revoke Bluetooth key access 

And here are more features you can access when you’re within Bluetooth range of the lock:

  • Create customised PIN codes 
  • View PIN code activity logs 
  • Check battery status
  • Adjust lock volumes 
  • Revoke PIN code access 

Learn more about the Rim Lock for metal gates here

If you have any questions, feel free to drop us an email at info@igloohome.co!