With the new Push-Pull Mortise, we've made access effortless for the family. Simply push or pull to enter or exit, it's all done in one swift motion. We couldn't have made it any easier. 

An effortless way home


At igloohome, we're always on the lookout to simplify how we go about our daily lives. Something as common as unlocking your door shouldn't have to be difficult, we don't want to fuss with keys or worry about being locked out.

That's why we've launched the Push-Pull Mortise. By removing keys, and an additional step of having to turn knobs or handles, we've made it faster for you to get home. 



The Push-Pull Mortise features an unconventional curved handle that better fits the palm, while its biometric sensor quickly and accurately authenticates the fingerprint when the handle is gripped. One intuitive motion is all you need to get home. 

Mobile app-enabled for greater convenience

With the igloohome app, you have the flexibility to manage the access to your property. 

Grant access to your family and friends remotely via time-sensitive PIN codes and Bluetooth keys. With our unique algoPIN™ technology, you can generate access at any time and at anywhere without the need to be near your Mortise 2+. 

Here’s what you can do remotely:

  • Generate time-sensitive PIN codes
  • Generate time-sensitive Bluetooth keys
  • Get notified of Bluetooth key activities 
  • Revoke Bluetooth key access 

And here are more features you can access when you’re within Bluetooth range of the lock:

  • Create customised PIN codes 
  • View PIN code activity logs 
  • Check battery status
  • Adjust lock volumes 
  • Revoke PIN code access 

Learn more about the Push-Pull Mortise here. Not sure which Mortise to get? See the differences. 

If you have any questions, feel free to drop us an email at info@igloohome.co!