Located in Helsinki, Finland, Skipperi operates a peer-to-peer shared city boat service where owners can lend their boats to experienced boaters. There over 100 fully-equipped motorboats in more than 20 ports listed on their platform. 

With Skipperi, boaters can monitor a boat's real-time availability, make boat reservations, and take care of boat deployment instantly. The mobile application also guides the user through the process of returning the boat.

The best part? The whole service works online and there's crew needed at the pier. No pesky key handovers involved, book a boat and the reservation begins - all thanks to the igloohome Keybox 3

Our partnership 

We've partnered with Skipperi to automate the process of booking a boat through integrating the igloohome Keybox 3 into the mix. 

Once the reservation is made, the user receives a unique PIN code via the Skipperi mobile app. This PIN code will grant the user access to the Keybox 3 on each boat which contains the keys.

The code is valid during the reservation and becomes invalid once the user checks out of the boat.

The Keybox 3 was designed to be shackled onto door knobs and handles or mounted onto firm structures. Skipperi has cleverly mounted it onto their boats for easy access for their users. 

Here are some of them in action: 


Skiperri 2

Skiperri 3

With integration available, igloohome provides a cost-effective solution for companies like Skipperi. There's no need for human interaction during key and boat handovers, making the process faster with less hassle. 

If you'd like to speak with us on smart access solutions, email us at bd@igloohome.co