Since its launch, the igloohome Keybox has been shipped to over 50 countries around the world! We caught up with some of our customers and partners to get their reviews of the Keybox, and here's what some of them have said:

Andrew McConnell, CEO of


"igloohome is the solution for every smart Airbnb host and property manager. It not only gives the gift of convenience—it’s also the safer alternative. 
By essentially providing hosts with 24-hour access to their homes from anywhere in the world, igloohome is changing the way we grant access and ultimately host."

- Andrew McConnell, CEO,


Squeeze, hospitality tech company in Japan

Over in Japan, William from Squeeze shared that the real estate industry in Japan has been very responsive to our igloohome Keyboxes.

He mentioned that currently, standard lockboxes placed on-site are used to manage keys, and the management company for a given building provides the combination for the lockbox over the phone when the visitor arrives at the property.

In order to change this code,  the management company would have to visit the property directly, which is a huge time cost, and is not possible to effect. 

This has created a number of security problems with unoccupied rooms in Japan, which has led them to look to smart lock technology. However, these rooms rarely have wifi, and not everybody is able to use a smartphone to unlock the lock. Also, not all smart locks can be removed and re-installed repeatedly, whereas the igloohome Keybox does not need to be installed. 


"The igloohome Keybox provides a significantly smarter way of addressing this problem while remaining more or less the same to the person using lockboxes to retrieve a key: put a code, open it, and get the key... It's a very good balance of innovation and familiarity."

- William from Squeeze

Alex W., Airbnb Host in Taiwan

Alex W. shared with one of our co-founders that he really liked our Keybox, and that he appreciated the design very much. He mentioned that it's very convenient to give guests PIN codes, without the need for bluetooth. This put him at ease, as he did not have to worry about hacking.


Reviews on other igloohome products

Here is the feedback on social media left by customers who have been using other igloohome products (eg. igloohome smart locks - the latest model is the igloohome Deadbolt 02). 

Other customer reviews on Facebook/ instagram: 3-4



*Note: The igloohome latch model has been discontinued. 






Multiple Keybox System


To end off, here's a photo of 24 Keyboxes on the wall - a key exchange set-up that was done up for one of our customers!