We're expanding what you can do with your lock! 

Introducing the Bridge, designed for you to have greater control over your locks, it gives you the option to take your igloohome locks online. 

Get real-time notifications of your home’s access activity, or let guests in without missing a beat. 

Our products still work offline for properties in places without stable internet connections or WiFi infrastructure. 

What's the difference? 

With the Bridge, you'll be able to retrieve near real-time activity logs on-the-go via your igloohome app. As the lock is linked to the Bridge, you won't have to do a Bluetooth sync within range of the device to track PIN code entries. 

You'd also be able to unlock your door remotely with a tap of a finger! Say you're out at the grocers and Sheryl, your dog-walker, swings by ahead of time; you could create a PIN code and send it to her, or you can simply unlock the door for her in an instant via your app! 

Easy right? 


It's really simple to set it up too. 


Once your Bridge is plugged in, use your igloohome app to:

1) Pair the Bridge to your account. 
2) Create a link between the Bridge and your lock. 


If you have more than one lock, the Bridge can also link up to 5 devices for your convenience. 


The Bridge is compatible across multiple igloohome locks and devices, here's a list:


Deadbolt 2S Metal Grey

Check for full compatibility on the product page

Mortises Mortise 2, Mortise 2+, Push-Pull Mortise
Rim Locks Rim Lock for metal gates, Rim Lock for glass doors
Keyboxes Keybox 3
Padlocks Padlock
Accessories Keypad 

Note: The Bridge only supports routers with WPA2 or WPA. The Bridge will not be able to connect to routers using unsecured protocols such as WEP or routers without encryption.

Learn more about the Bridge here!