The igloohome Padlock was built for those who wanted the ultimate balance between security and convenience. The gadget is versatile enough for both personal and business use, making it one of the most deployable products in our range. 

We were glad to have had a very successful launch on Indiegogo -  we were 150% funded within the first hour of the launch and ended the crowdfunding campaign at over SGD$200k!

We’d like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to those who supported us on the crowdfunding platform.


Interested in hearing more about igloohome or becoming a distributor? We also offer special discounts for bulk purchases.  Setup a chat with our team by submitting your details here or Learn about our reseller program.


Since the first round of fulfilment, we’ve received many compliments about the Padlock! Here are some screen grabs of what our satisfied customers and media friends had to say about it:

On Indiegogo

igloohome Smart Padlock Indiegogo good reviews

On Instagram

igloohome Smart Padlock Instagram good reviewsigloohome Smart Padlock instagram good review 2

igloohome Smart Padlock instastories good reviewigloohome Smart Padlock instastories good reviews 2

On media reviews

“Worked flawlessly in all our tests.” - PCMag

“An attractive and well built padlock.” - The Gadgeteer

“The igloohome Smart Padlock is so versatile.” - ReadWrite

“Solidly built and secure… a worthy investment.” - GeekCulture

“Robust build with a reassuring feel.” - TechPP

We’re humbled by the kind words we’ve received thus far, and continuously strive to do better everyday.

If you’re a happy owner of the Smart Padlock, share your thoughts with us! We’ve got more exciting products in the pipeline and look forward to unveiling them when the time rolls around.

If you don’t have the Smart Padlock yet, it’s available for purchase here.

Stay tuned!